Saturday, February 2, 2013


   This is a brand new painting that I just completed, and it is somewhat of a continuation of my look into the voice of a tree. When we think of a beautiful tree, we often envision a tree with a canopy full of green leaves or a tree arrayed in fall colors, but we rarely envision a leafless tree. A leafless tree is one of nature's most unique forms, symbolizing wisdom, and endurance. A natural sculpture, a leafless tree distinguishes itself from every other tree; making itself known and visible from the trunk, to the branches, stretching all the way out to the stems.
    At first glance, Fruitless, appears to be cryptic and foreboding, and it is, but not only for the sake of being so. The tree here represents a person or a life, and the ground it's attached to is dry and barren, with little to no moisture–symbolic of how people should be careful of what they allow themselves to get attached to. If it doesn't nourish you at a core level, then it's something that you can't allow your roots to be entangled in for the long term.
   This tree is producing some fruit, but not very much, and the fruit it has produced is being pecked away by the crows. This speaks to the people connected to a person's life–are they adding to it or are they subtracting from it? People who insist on being positive, on encouraging you, on challenging you, are cultivating the fruit hanging from your limbs–they nourish the very soil you're planted in. If you're going towards something good and trying to build something great, and the people around you can't seem to find one positive word to speak in your direction, then they're just sitting on your branches. People that take from you and cause you to feel depleted every time you go around them are crows. Their vision, concerning you, doesn't go beyond what they see, so they try to put you in a mold based on what you are, or where you are now–pecking at any fruit you may be producing for the future. The fruit in this painting is all gone, but the good news is that the rain-clouds are forming with promises of new fruit, but there is one thing–the crows must be dismissed, which hints at my upcoming painting–Rebirth.

Thanks for checking out my work and as always, leave your thoughts and comments here, I look forward to hearing them.

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