Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthing Promise

"Child of Promise"
     I did this painting several years ago and as I sat down to write about it I must admit that I forgot about what initially inspired it. That may sound like a bad thing but it's not necessarily since we, especially as artists, are conduits and not always the source for what we depict through our chosen form of art. Many times a piece will speak just as loud if not louder to the viewer as it does to the artist, and this is how someone can see a piece and make it their own for reasons much deeper than the artist ever intended. This is what reintroduced me to "Child of Promise".     I'm a man so obviously I've never been pregnant, but everybody has been or is, in a sense, pregnant with a deep seeded desire or dream. It's that thing that pulls at your heart; that thing you can't let go of even when you try to ignore it because it seems too out of reach. If you've conceived anything good- and surely you have- then water it! It's that thing you're called to and it constantly calls to you by continuing to resurface through things that remind you of it. If you're pregnant then continue to nurture the baby; good midwives, if you will, are those people that encourage you to press through difficulty and negative voices, even if one of those voices is your own. If you're on the verge of birthing something then push, you're at the threshold of something wonderful! Maybe this all sounds corny because you've heard it too many times before. You're seasoned or incapacitated in such a way that you are not able to realize a dream the way you could have in the past. There is no expiration date on a dream and the only limitations are those that are self-imposed. If you have a child or a grandchild or if anybody has a child then you still have a dream to pursue-theirs. Whether you're directly involved or simply can be an encourager of the gifts you see in others, whatever you do, do it now and do it often. Surely you see them grappling with the same things that impeded your own steps, give them a hand, they need your voice. As a young man I need your voice.
    Wherever you are in the process you have a dream, a purpose, a promise to possess; I encourage you to go forward until it is born in your life or in the life of someone else. If you have a different take or just a comment on "Child of Promise", I encourage you to leave it here, I look forward to hearing it;
if you have inquiries about the original, simply contact me.

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